Whilst working on the Freedom To Be campaign, we've heard lots about the positive impact the Aura Flushable colostomy pouch can have on people’s lives and it seems that many people have the same reasons for loving it. If you’re still unsure whether you should try Aura Flushable maybe the following thoughts might offer some reassurance.

1. Find your freedomDoes disposing of your current colostomy pouch restrict your life?Michel said,
“You can go out in the evening at the drop of a hat without being concerned because it’s so easy to dispose of it. I can do anything I like, which is something I could not do previously, before I switched over to the flushable pouch. It delivers you from a life of worry about how to behave with your pouch and your stoma. Thanks to the flushable pouches I just lead a normal life.”
Audrey said:
“I am living my life the way I want to live it because I can. It also means I don't feel useless. I feel a person again; I feel I'm me. When I had the old pouch I was very nervous of going out in case of accidents. When I got the flushable pouch, it was perfect because I could go anywhere. It was clean and I could do what I wanted to do.”
 2. Find out that flushable means flushableMany people are likely to wonder if Aura Flushable is really truly flushable. It’s often the fear of not being able to fully flush or being caught in an embarrassing situation that stops people from taking the first step and giving them a try. Aura Flushable features an inner liner and flange which contain biodegradable materials* and both can be flushed in domestic toilets, single flush siphonic systems and septic tanks, giving people the freedom to never have to carry a used pouch again. Both the Inner liner and flange are proven not to block domestic pumping stations* and as the two parts separate easily, they can be flushed away together, or you can choose to flush the inner liner and discard the flange separately (either by flushing it on its own or throwing it away in an appropriate waste bin).
*Data on file. WRC independent testing 2017.
 Aura Flushable users, Helen, Boyd and Trevor also offer reassuring messages after using the product all over the world! Helen lives in an old Victorian property in Port Talbot.
“Our plumbing is a little bit old but it takes it all right, no trouble at all. I met a lady who thought it wouldn’t go down the toilet and I said they will, if they can go down my toilet, guaranteed they will go down your toilet, so give them a try! And I’ve been all over the British Isles and abroad to Ibiza, Spain and France and no problem at all – it just disappears.”
Boyd told us that he loves to travel with his Aura Flushable.
“I’ve travelled quite a bit to America. The toilets there are very different to English toilets. When I went to America I was a bit apprehensive, I thought - I can’t see the flushable bags flushing here. However much to my surprise I never had a problem, they flushed quite easily”.
As a keen sailor and world traveller we think we can also take Trevor’s word for it that the Aura Flushable works well in lots of different geographies!
“The thing is; when you’re visiting various marinas and especially when you’re on the coast, toilets are not always like you get in cities and posh hotels - but I’ve never had any problems.”
 3. Keep things simpleOften it’s the embarrassment of changing a stoma bag in public that has such an impact on people’s lives. What our Freedom To Be storytellers describe is a product that takes away a lot of the hassle and allows them to simply enjoy their time spent out and about, whether socialising, travelling or simply running errands.Helen was surprised at the instant difference that Aura Flushable made.
“Once you’ve got the hang of it it’s so much simpler, it makes your life so much simpler. You can get rid of the actual contents in your toilet without having to take them anywhere else. So you’ve got no problems - and whoosh and away it’s gone!”
Michel feels the same way.
“When I tried it on I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and how easy it was to replace. There is no problem in disposing of the flushable pouch because it's so simple so practical, so helpful in as much it's like ordinary toilet paper it just disappears.”
Denise told us,
“With the flushable pouch, it’s like you're wiping your nose, you just throw it down the loo and it's gone. When I go out, I don't have to think about it whatsoever. I just take it off, flush it away, put a new one on. And I've got nothing to dispose of.”
Nancy puts it very simply,
“The loo is just there, and this is just easier! No traipsing to the bins!”
 4. Feel like everybody elseAnother point our Freedom to Be storytellers were keen to make is how flushing the toilet feels more ‘normal’ again.Helen thinks the discretion element is particularly important. She said,
“The whole thing with a colostomy and looking after it, it takes time when you change the bags naturally and it takes time to clean everything up and come out there. You just want to be like everybody else and be as discreet and as you possibly can. And with the flushable, I think it makes life more discreet for you and you feel more confident.”
Nancy says,
“I feel less self-conscious now. With the old pouches, if there wasn’t a bin where I was I would have to put it in my handbag and take it home. No-one knew, only me, but with these I don’t have to do that. I didn’t like that part of it really, but if there weren’t any bins, that’s what I did.”
For Trevor, before he used Aura Flushable he was conscious of how others felt.
"You’re putting something down the toilet, just like everyone else does. I felt much, much better when I could do that.”
 5. Honey, honeyAura Flushable with Manuka honey is our latest flushable range of colostomy pouches, which now combines the latest flushable technology with the added comfort of medical grade Manuka honey. The inclusion of medical grade Manuka honey to the Hyperflex® hydrocolloid flange may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma.The Manuka honey used in the Aura Flushable flange has a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) rating of 16+. The Honey Research Unit provides the rating as a measure of antibacterial strength. A rating over 10 is commonly referred to as Active Manuka Honey.