We know that for some people, having surgery that leads to a stoma can be life-changing. Coming to terms with living with a colostomy can be extremely difficult to deal with and many people say they feel a loss of confidence and freedom to live their lives how they want to. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? For many people, finding the right colostomy pouch that best meets their needs can turn their lives around and help them find a way to regain their confidence and sense of freedom, or even to start a new chapter in their lives. We’ve been travelling around the country, getting to know some of the people who use our flushable colostomy pouches and have been asking them “What does using a flushable pouch mean to you?” We’ve had the pleasure of meeting a fantastic group of people who all kindly agreed to be filmed so that they could share their stories with you. So if you haven’t yet had a look, now is the time to get to know each of our storytellers and find out just a little bit about what freedom means to them – check them out here!

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