Adapting to life with a stoma can be difficult and can affect your confidence to do the things you want to do. Our Aura Flushable users offer some great advice about how they’re able to adapt to life with their stoma:

Positive thinking - Positivity can be key when trying to adapt to life with a stoma.

Trevor“I do feel that positivity helps. Sometimes you have to go with the wind and the tide. I’ve always travelled, I can’t really say why, it’s just in me and nothing’s going to stop me.”

Denise“I’ve never held back, I’ve just got on with things. I live life as it is. I get on with things and I enjoy life.”

Helen“If you’ve had things thrown at you, and believe me I have had, you’ve just got to get on with your life and enjoy it as best you can and look at all the good things and not look so much on the bad.”

Vicki“For people like me who were diagnosed with cancer, having a colostomy is literally life-saving. So if you can possibly have a positive attitude and remember that it’s saved your life and that you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a colostomy, then that is going to be so helpful.”

Get Social - It can be really useful to connect with others during your journey.

TrevorTrevor spent some time working as a Trustee for Colostomy UK and is a big believer in the work they do to connect people.“They do some great work. I would definitely encourage anybody to sign up, it’s free and a great support."

NancyNancy loves to be social and has found social media especially useful for getting involved with the ostomate community.“Before I started using Facebook, I tended to feel like I was the only one with a stoma pouch, but once I got online I could see other people on there and I felt like part of something.”

Keep doing what you love - Everyone is different and we all have different passions in life.

AudreyAudrey continues to attend her music group on a weekly basis.“Being with my music group has given me an outlook on life that maybe I wouldn’t have had...and they’ve helped me through my problems as well.”

BoydBoyd's passion is cricket.“I’m an ardent cricket fan and a member at Trent Bridge, I have been attending for the past twenty-five years and go to practically every match throughout the season! I’m a huge advocate of keeping busy and doing things I enjoy."

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