Many of our Aura Flushable users are keen travellers and for them, ‘freedom’ means the ability to see the world. Travelling can be daunting for many people with a stoma.Finding the right pouch can be the key to opening a whole new world of travel opportunities.

Vicki relies on her Aura Flushable colostomy pouch every time she goes abroad. “When I travel, which I do an awful lot, the flushables are brilliant. I’ve been to Australia, Doha, all kinds of places, and used them in lots of different toilets including beach side shacks! Also, you’ll appreciate that when you’re eating different foods in different countries, the food doesn’t always agree with you. You can get tummy problems and you might find that there isn’t a bin, but with the flushable, you are fine changing it in any restaurant anywhere!”

Helen enjoys her holidays a lot more now that she uses the Aura Flushable colostomy pouch. “I always think, yes I’ll go for it, and if something happens I will cope with it. I’ve been on a barge, I’ve been on a boat in Ibiza, you’ve just got to get on and live your life.”

Michel feels that his Flushable pouch is more discreet. “As far as I’m concerned, when I travel I don’t need to think about it. I do not worry about it, whatever I do, wherever I travel, wherever I want to go, there is absolutely no problem, no limitation.”

Aura Flushable’s inner liner containing the waste can also be flushed and disposed of on trains. Due to the complexity of train vacuum toilets, the flange should be separated and disposed of in a bin along with the clean outer cover*.


Do you want the key to a whole new world of travel opportunities?

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