Over the past few months we’ve been travelling around the country, getting to know some of the people who use our flushable colostomy pouches and have been asking them “What does using a flushable pouch mean to you?”. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting a fantastic group of people who all kindly agreed to be filmed so that they could share their experiences with others.

As specialists in stoma care, improving the lives of those living with a stoma is something that we are passionate about. Our aim for the Freedom To Be campaign is to raise awareness of the benefits that a flushable colostomy pouch can offer and to give ostomates the opportunity to see if it could help them rediscover their own sense of freedom. Now that the campaign has launched, we can’t wait to share with you what we have learnt from each of those that we met. Through community comes strengthAura Flushable with Manuka honey is our latest flushable range, which now combines the latest flushable technology with the added comfort of medical grade Manuka honey. Aura Flushable features an inner liner and flange which contain biodegradable materials* and both can be flushed in domestic toilets, single flush siphonic systems and septic tanks, giving people the freedom to never have to carry a used pouch again. The inclusion of medical grade Manuka honey to the hydrocolloid flange may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma.
*Data on file. WRC independent testing 2017.

Nancy from Stockport

Aura Flushable user, Nancy, loves to be social and has found that social media is especially useful for getting involved with the ostomate community.
“Before I started using Facebook, I tended to feel like I was the only one with a colostomy pouch, but once I got online I saw that everyone is on there and you start to feel part of something. Every time I see a letter or a post online I think oh yes, I’d love to help that person - I know what they’re going through!”

Freedom matters to everybodyFor some people, having a holiday away from home is important. For others, it could be the ability to pop to the local shops, or simply visiting friends and neighbours without any worry.It might mean different things to different people, but whether you have a stoma or not, a sense of freedom to be yourself matters to everybody. Each of our storytellers are all very different, with different lives, personalities and interests and so ‘freedom’ means something different to each of them. Each of them have shared their thoughts here… Confidence can come back!We understand that taking centre stage and appearing in an online video requires a lot more confidence for most – but not all of those who were filmed have always felt confident about having a stoma. Vicki told us, “It was absolutely dreadful, it was a terrible shock. I just wasn’t prepared to have a colostomy.” Each person deals with their experience of having a stoma differently and confidence comes and goes and grows at different paces, in different people. Living with a stoma can also be a physically tough and emotional journey, but through the experiences and support of others shared on this site, we hope you might find some support and inspiration to find your own sense of freedom.

A big thank you from usOn behalf of everyone at CliniMed and SecuriCare, we would like to say a huge thank you to our contributors and their families who allowed us into their lives in order to be filmed and to help us create this campaign. We are extremely grateful to everyone.